Tips in Growing Orchids Indoor

Orchids are amazing flowers and enjoyed by a lot from across the world.They carry a certain beauty that is not usually seen from other flowers. Despite the fact that orchids don’t possess fascinating scents like roses, lilies or lavenders, they grow in a range of colors that pulls anybody who sees them.


When you are thinking about growing orchids inside of your homes using artificial light, there are certain stuff that you must do to ensure your success in growing healthy and exquisite orchids. The process that you will face is worth it once you see your beautiful home-grown orchids in full bloom. Below are some tips that can be done to raise healthy orchids in your house.

I.    Looking for your Orchids. Orchids are mainly sold as bulbs, prefer bulbs containing sprout and observe the sprout. Healthy leaves are green and yellow one indicates the orchid is dried out. You should also see if the leaf or the bulb has pest bites mainly because it can be damaged and it’ll no longer grow. Start off with dendrobium, moth, catleya or lady slipper orchids as they are super easy to grow.

II.    Whenever growing orchids indoors, it’s essential that your plant has got the right amount of sunlight. If it does not get ample light, it may struggle to survive. However, if it gets an excessive amount strong light when it needs dappled sunlight, then it may become scorched and end up dying. In case it doesn’t get much sunlight at home, then you might need to invest in some artificial lights (grow lights). With fluorescent lights you do not have to bother with burning your plants because they do not get hot enough to damage them

III.    If you grow orchids, take time read on the appropriate ways of lighting, watering, fertilizations, and proper potting.

IV.    Giving humidity for your orchids is another thing to remember when caring for orchids indoors. This can be accomplished by placing a humidifier in the area or putting the pots on a wide container with moist gravel. Just make sure the pots are not left standing in water, because it may cause fungus, diseases and root rot.

V.    An orchid doesn’t need watering daily, once every five days is going to be sufficient, and they can survive for up to fourteen days without water. Different orchids will however have unique requirements, thus ensure that you know as much as possible about your plant.

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