Things You Should Do When You Find a Burst Pipe

One of the most disturbing experiences that a house owner could have is the discover of a pipe that burst. The reason that it is so terrible is not only because burst pipes may cause extensive water damage to the area encircling it, however since it may cause extensive damage to your wallet. Working with a professional to solve the damage is very pricey.”


A bust pipe isn’t any enjoyable. Quite often it needs creating a hole in the wall, updating the flawed portion of the pipeline and after fixing and re-plastering the wall. In case of tiles, they’ll also demand fixing – a familiar practice as many broken pipes occur in regions where hot water passes by and there’s humidity. Not forgetting, the cost that you’re going to incur to fix the problem. The last thing you would like to see is a burst pipe in your home.

There are many reasons why a pipe can burst such as corroded pipes, crack in the pipe that have a lot of pressure, and a pipe that froze and expanded and then burst. In case you have a burst pipe, you will need to know what to do to prevent

more damage and expense. In the event the outdoor temperature drops below 20 degrees, water pipes in homes with little or no insulation can certainly freeze and break. The truth is, a one-eighth inch crack in a pipe may spray out more than 250 gallons of water a day, rapidly messing up anything nearby, including your walls, floors, furniture, appliances and even compromising the architectural integrity of your property!

As the winter approaches, you must take some steps to protect your pipes from the break down of cold weather. To start with, take into consideration all the rooms at home that usually remain unheated. If they have pipes running through them, you might save yourself a lot of trouble simply by wrapping them with padding material which is specially designed for this. After that, remove each of the pipes attached to taps. This will help to prevent any water running through the pipes undetected and freezing throughout the winter. It’s adviseable to let water to run through your pipes at regular intervals in the winter time. Hot water will be an additional benefit as it unfreezes any frozen water which may be building up in your pipes.

When a pipe bursts, it is very important efficiently use the appropriate steps to stop further damage. Once you’ve taken the steps to reduce damage and threats just like water leaking into live wires, it is vital that you contact a professional plumber. Plumbers are aware that an emergency can happen anytime of the day and night therefore they have 24 hour emergency services. Furthermore, because a burst pipe is a serious emergency, it is essential to have a professional make the repair to make sure there isn’t any future problems, don’t try to do your own repairs if you’re really not skilled with it.

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