Upgrade Your Valentine’s Day Flowers With These 6 Tips (Hint: It’s All About The Vase)

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. If your sweetheart enjoys the beauty of flowers, giving her roses could be the way to go this year. There are common sense guidelines when sending Valentines flowers.

There’s a reason why sending flowers for Valentine’s Day never gets old: People love them. As a Rutgers University study points out, subjects receiving flowers responded with more-heartfelt smiles than those gifted candles or fruit baskets—and they even remained happier for the next three days compared to the control group, too.

(C) flowersballoonsetc.com

(C) flowersballoonsetc.com

But sticking with the tried-and-true doesn’t have to mean boring and unimaginative. Whether it’s a spray of roses for your wife or tulips for your mom, you can set apart your Valentine’s Day flowers by customizing your vase. Like an impeccably chosen tie, the best vase pulls together an overall look and brings out design elements that may otherwise go unnoticed. It also injects a personal touch—something that will no doubt add to the cheeriness that a Valentine’s Day flower delivery, scientifically speaking, already brings.

“Customers love personalization and the repeat rate of senders of customized bouquets are almost double that of other customers,” says Mike Chapin, CEO of FromYouFlowers. While photos of couples are popular, there’s plenty more room for creativity. Here are a few simple ideas to try ( use promo code FRBS for a discount of 20% or more):

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