Important Things That You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets

“Choosing the right cabinetry can help organize your home and life. There comes a point in everyone’s life that stacking things on the counter or in the corner is no longer an option. Remodeling or designing your kitchen is the best time to plan for organization and buy the right cabinets to maximize your storage space.”

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Your kitchen cabinets serve an essential purpose. This is used to store kitchen supplies and tools such as storage containers, kitchenware and etc along with food supplies. They are also a part of your home, so you want them to fit in with the complete design and style.

Fixing Up or Acquiring New?
The consideration here would be to realize what you are capable of. If you like performing it and are meticulous about craftsmanship, then you can certainly do repairs all on your own. But if not, it is recommended to to just engage a professional. The contractor also will give an expert guide of the condition of your cabinetry whether you just can perform repair or touch up or if it’s advisable to just set up a new one. DIY or do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet refacing is really economical if no reconfiguration of cabinetry is required.!

If you want a cozy, warm feeling towards your kitchen, you probably be considering wood alternatives. They come in a wide variety of wood types such as oak, pine, walnut, cherry and more. You could also choose to stain the wood for additional polish and beauty. A painted style may look conventional or modern, in accordance with other features in the design.

Where to buy?
You have a wide variety of choices when acquiring kitchen cabinets. Manufacturers market cabinets by using a retail store including construction supply stores, kitchen and bath retailers and home improvement centres, such as Lowes and Home Depot. What’s important is to enable the same company or person who built the cabinets to also install them so that errors and mishaps can be avoided.

There are also circumstances that you may possibly want a style of your own that you cannot see in any home depot or any home improvement shop. It is possible to look for a company that will customize cabinets along with it’s installation. Just ensure that all things have been agreed like charge and time period of work.

Putting it all together
To finish everything, you should have considered the layout of the items that is going to be placed in the cabinets. Organize it in accordance with its value and usage. If the things are frequently used, put it where it can be quickly reached and group them by its category. In this way, you can save time and effort looking and getting these items when you need to utilize it not to mention maximizing the space in each cabinet.

It is best that you choose the design and style that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

“If you have old worn cabinets then painting it will not give it the super glossy uniform surface that you may expect. Many old cabinets have a very visible open grain which can be filled with putty. But that only makes the task more labour and time intensive. It may not be a weekend affair that you expect.”
Painting kitchen cabinets is a big job, but it’s the single most transformative thing you can do to an aging kitchen to bring it up to date. The process seems deceptively simple — you just need paint and a brush, right? Yeah, not exactly. It’s a multi-step process, during which each step requires the same amount of care, and if you rush through one, you may be shooting yourself in the foot for the next.

1. Not starting with a diagram.

You’ve got your supplies ready and the drop cloth down — time to break out the screwdriver and get started, right? While it’s great that you plan on removing the doors and cabinet faces (too many people try to paint cabinets while they’re still fully assembled — another mistake!), you need to take a step back for a second.


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Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

The standard upkeep of cabinets is a really important practice because of the vital roles that a cabinet plays in the set up of your kitchen. When kitchen cabinets are left unattended, they tend to become dull and drab-looking. Below are a few cabinets maintenance tips which are worth doing.

1) Maintaining it

Kitchen cabinet could get spoilt continuously and slowly because of a variety of reasons. It isn’t possible for you to prevent insects, moisture and dust to attack your cabinet however, you may take few safety precautions to keep the section in great shape for a long period. It is very important close the doors and the drawers as well after use to keep it. It’s true that the cabinet has been made for long term use however, you must maintain it well for that. Check out a few maintenance tips as follow.

  • Do not let the spill soak into the wood, otherwise it’ll cause damage.
  • Do not put hot things directly to the surface.
  • It is best not to place very heavy machines and equipment on it.

    (C) Elle Decor

    (C) Elle Decor

2) Cleaning it

You need to keep the cabinet clean by regularly wiping it with a wet cloth and then dry them with another piece of cloth. Even gentle soap water may be used to clean these cabinets, but don’t use soap an excess of as it could finish up ruining the material. There are lots of harsh and abrasive furniture cleaners that adversely affect some materials and also eliminate the wax coating so they should not be used on these cabinets. Rather use mild cleaners which are of liquid base and are not abrasive.

3) Repairing it

Whenever there’s a problem or fault with your cabinet, be sure you repair it on time before it degenerates further. Much like other things, kitchen cabinets get damaged, too. This implies that you need to have some extra hardware at the ready so that you don’t get caught unawares once the cabinet gets damaged. You could also speak to a cabinets expert to do the repairs for you. Repainting is also done after such repairs, if you believe there is need to do that, to make your kitchen cabinet look wonderful.

4) Repainting it

It may not be as critical as repairing and cleaning nevertheless even repainting can help in keeping the cabinet looking beautiful.

Kitchen cabinets, together with counter tops and kitchen islands are what anyone notices as soon as somebody enters the kitchen. Shouldn’t you invest a little care in picking a cabinet that looks great?


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