Choosing And Using Statues And Sculptures For Your Garden

“Your outdoor oasis isn’t complete until you choose the perfect¬†garden statues. These can be various sizes and made of different materials. A few guidelines can help you find statues that are unique and reflect your personal style.”

Garden statues, sculptures and ornaments fit well into most gardens. These are often the things which put the finishing touches to a garden. They can be set simply amongst shrubbery, partly obscured from view, or made a more obvious feature and placed on columns, piers and pedestals at various points in the garden such as in grottos, alcoves or at the end of a path or the centre of a pond.

Using Statuary

Statuary can be used subtly or in a formal setting. To make these features more eye-catching consider the following:

  • Surrounding with plants will enhance the feature and not compete. This may mean using plain evergreens or a single flower colour around the statue.
  • Limit the number of ornaments in an area. If you have several pieces that you want to use, make sure they are visually separate.
  • Make sure the ornament enhances and blends with the garden.
  • Formal pieces are best in a formal setting.
  • Cute pieces such as animals are better in an informal or country style garden.


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Garden Sculptures – Great Landscaping Idea

Garden is a part of your property that you can relax and inhale good and fresh air. Additionally it is an area where little ones can enjoy and have fun. So it is great if you have a garden that can give you a beautiful feeling to stay with.

When your garden have the flowers that are blooming and green trees in a properly planted, and yet you’ll still want something unique thing that needs to be put into your garden, then, statue is a great additional view to it and you may find numerous lovely pieces that you could purchase to add to your beautiful garden. If you do not like the options, you can create your own style. You can pick between numerous materials such as garden stone statue, wood, resin, metal sculpture and concrete.

(C) Candle and Blue

(C) Candle and Blue

Highlight your investment by giving it proper placement in your garden. Sculptures statues are the little extras which make you smile, the crowning glory or the icing on the cake that will resemble the imagination of its owners. If you do not reside in a home which needs to be guarded by a pair of stone lions then embrace the idea by placing a pair of dog or cat statues at the bottom of your front steps. Formalizing an entry with a matched set is definitely an idea that can work anywhere.

Whatever sculpture you get. You can purchase a small finial or a large sculpture like a life size statue to add to your garden. What counts is the reason for its presence and also the impressions it communicates to you and your guests.

The materials which can be utilized for the garden statues were the ones who can handle the weather. The stone garden statue are generally used because they’re more weather resistant when compared with many other materials. The resin materials are gaining popularity today for the garden statues. These bronze statues were costly, but they can withstand the bad weather conditions. The concrete as well as the cement were less expensive in comparison to the other materials for the statue, but aren’t sustainable. They’re not capable of handling the wearing and tearing climate conditions.

The garden statue will look more attractive if it is placed in the garden. And the size should also be based on the garden. A big statue in the small garden or small statue on the corner of a large garden will not likely supply you with a beautiful and balanced decoration; it will look bad, because it’s not balanced with the size.