Effective Lawn Mowing Tips and Techniques

Proper Height for mowing your lawns will depend on the type of grass you have. This simple tip is often neglected by a lot of homeowners. Aside from this, there are far more overlooked factors that people tend to make when maintaining their lawn.

When you look at your lawn what do you see? Do you see a nice green lawn that’s a pleasure to look at, sit or play on? Are you content as long as it stays green most of the summer and you don’t mind a few weeds as long as it still looks okay?

These questions can only be answered by you, but one of the best ways to determine if you have been successful with your lawn area is if it’s meeting your needs and expectations in appearance.

There are numerous levels of care for your lawn, but basically we’re all busy and we want to have the best looking lawn we can, while putting only the minimum amount of time, money and effort into it as possible – right?

The good news is that improper mowing is one of the most common causes of lawn problems which can easily be changed. So follow the tips below to change your mowing habits and you’ll get a huge boost towards having your best lawn ever.

The Pros and Cons of Mowing

Now I just mentioned that improper mowing is one of the most common causes of lawn problems, and I said that was good news. It’s is, because instead of having to figure out a disease, or a pest problem, you can just change how and when you mow. Let’s take a look.

What If You Didn’t Mow At All?

No matter how often you have dreamed about it, your lawn would not look better if you never mowed it because depending on what kind of grass you have it would grow anywhere from 4 to 24 inches (10 to 60 cm) tall.

In addition, it would start to set inconspicuous flowers which are high in allergy-producing pollen, and in time the grass would fall over and being to thin out giving a neglected appearance.

So right away we can see that by even doing the minimum amount of mowing, our lawn is going to look much better than if we did nothing at all.


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