Bathtub Cleaning Tips

If you enjoy soaking in your tub from time to time, you definitely want to make sure it’s clean. Make it a point that you clean the tub regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and molds. This article will provide you with a few tips for keeping them clean.

Nothing makes my back ache more than cleaning the bathtub! Even thinking about it causes me to grimace.

This is the time I wish I was like Samantha, the witch. Just wiggle my nose and presto, change-o! The grime’s gone! Boy, wouldn’t that help this old gal’s body?

(C) PMcshop

(C) PMcshop

Lacking the power of witchcraft, I’ve learned the tips and tricks to cleaning the bathtub and keeping it clean. So, I’ll give you the power of knowledge instead, which is just as good… and though it might take a little longer than twitching your nose, is just as effective too.

Here are some practical tips that will make it a little easier on your back and help you to make your bathroom shine.

Are you ready then? Let’s clean your dirty bathtub!

Assemble your Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Cleaning Supplies:

  • liquid detergent
  • spray bottle
  • protective gloves
  • mild abrasive cleansing product
  • scrubber, brush or sponge

Bathtub Cleaner Recipe:

Mix a solution of a degreasing liquid detergent and water in a spray bottle (Palmolive ® or Dawn Dishwashing Liquid are good ones, earth friendly, with nice scents).

Mix together in a spray bottle:

  • 1 cup liquid detergent
  • 3 cups hot water

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