40 Ideas of How To Design Exterior Stairways

Landscaping stairs are often necessary when the ground elevation changes are too steep for a simple ramp. Stairs can be constructed of many different materials and we will discuss a few in this article I’m going to share.

Getting from one place to another is rarely a problem when it comes to exterior design because, unlike interiors, you seldom have to worry about permanent structural elements, like walls, getting in the way. Building a stairway can be, to some, the most intimidating tasks any builder – amateur or professional – tackles. But an outdoor stairway is generally not a difficult project, as long as it is planned and executed carefully. Concrete steps are widely used for the outdoors because it is durable, easy to maintain and versatile. A lot of designers prefer the use of concrete for the exterior because you can do mostly anything to it like painting, staining, applying tiles or even shape it this way and that and provides designers with the opportunity to incorporate the environment to the design.

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(C) beeyoutifullife.com

Slopes and hills mean you will have to think about an inclined pathway or outdoor stairs. For this article, we are featuring 40 Ideas of How To Design Exterior Stairways with various designs and concepts. Steps and stairs have advantages over sloping paths since they are able to cope with steeper inclines. They are also capable of connecting the architecture of a home with the rest of the landscape design. Exterior stairs need to be hard wearing and resistant to the elements. Concrete exterior steps are often utilized to boost and compliment the landscape and exterior façade of the house. They also add value and elegance to the home. So, take time in choosing what you like best and have fun while you check out this article.

How to Make Outdoor Steps Safe

Falls are the number one cause of injuries around the home, and slippery outdoor wooden stairs can often be the culprit. To make your stairs safer, install abrasive safety strips (available at home centers) to each step.

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How To Ease Your Child’s Allergies Without Medication

Kids that suffer from allergies may perhaps get ill more often compared to their friends. Natural healing offers kids the chance to decrease or eliminate their allergies without taking drugs. In the meantime, you can keep childhood allergies from endangering your child with just a few simple steps.

Medication can be a useful aid during allergy season. However, you don’t want your child to walk around in a fog or suffer the side effects of too many prescriptions. Fortunately, you can reduce your child’s allergies so your little one breathes easier and feels more comfortable without medication. Here are three places to start for allergy relief.

stock up on honey and apple cider vinegar

(C) HoneyHouse.in

(C) HoneyHouse.in

Many parents swear by apple cider vinegar as an aid for allergy symptoms. Apple cider vinegar is thought to reduce mucus production while cleaning the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, your child might not enjoy drinking a glass of watered-down apple cider vinegar, which is where the honey comes in. Many experts tout the health benefits of honey, and some have found that eating locally produced honey can help allergies; essentially, you’re eating the local pollen and building up a tolerance.

Mix the apple cider vinegar with honey and water, and maybe mix in some orange juice for flavor and vitamin C. This should help ease the worst symptoms during allergy season.

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Organic Lawn Care For A Healthier Planet

Organic lawn care is the natural, healthier, and safer way of looking after your lawn. Lots more people need to find out this and bear in mind of its advantages. In addition there are methods of lawn care like the utilization of insecticides along with other chemicals. These techniques still exist however have been proven to have bad effects on the environment and to people. Growing an organic lawn may seem to be a overwhelming task initially yet knowing the benefits will surely turn out to be worth it. Below are the top five amazing benefits of organic lawn care.

It is safer and healthier for the environment and people in it.

This could be the most important because of clear reasons. Who wouldn’t require a clean environment with animals and healthy people? Simply by switching to organic alternatives, you are helping the environment and others as well. You won’t have to worry about your kids and pets playing in the lawn because you are certain of the safety of their health.

(C) espoma.com

(C) espoma.com

Organic lawns preserve and conserve water.

Since the soil gets healthier, your lawn’s roots grow deeper and capture more stored water, needing less watering. You can even be sure that your water just isn’t polluted with harsh chemicals.

There will be soil improvement.

Organic lawn care products are supposed to help the soil regain the nutrients and minerals that it needs to give the best conditions for the growth of grass and also other landscaping plants. It is created using natural materials that plants will need, however that are utilized up as plants grow.

Reduce long term costs.

The appropriate application of organic fertilizers and pesticides can keep your lawn green and disease free. And as an additional benefit to “going green”, organic formulas can conserve a considerable amount of money. Several effective formulas can be created in your kitchen with inexpensive ingredients found at your local grocery store. You no longer have to be dependent on harsh chemicals to maintain your lawn.

It’ll aid in photosynthesis.

This is one of the benefits that individuals do not really know. Organic products like manure actually emit carbon dioxide that helps with photosynthesis. This will assist your lawn grow naturally.

Overall the way you take care of your lawn will impact the outcomes that you are left with. Organic lawn care aids you to bring out the best in the lawn and it also allows you appreciate your garden that little bit more. You can find quite a bit of reading material at your local library or bookstore that provides tips on maintaining a green home like the implementation of organic lawn care.


Green Plumbing for a Safer Environment

In an effort to lower their carbon footprint, most people are looking for ways to enhance sustainability in their homes, generally with the sewer and water systems. Green plumbing, that’s an increasingly popular concept of practicing sustainability at home, can be a way to achieving this goal. Through the use of sustainable materials and products, water usage could be reduced and recycled effectively.

Is green plumbing quite expensive?

Even though going green with plumbing sounds like quite an expensive venture, it’s not so in the long-run in comparison to the conventional types of plumbing. The very first remodeling of the plumbing in your own home will set you back a bit more than expected, but going green with plumbing could eventually pay-off in the form of lower water bills and energy costs. Nevertheless, it will always be far better to ask for expert advice prior to buying green plumbing products. The initial costs of installing the green plumbing materials are generally greater than that of regular plumbing products.

(C) WaterMove

(C) WaterMove

Tips on Green Plumbing

Green plumbing can be employed first in the kitchen and bathrooms since these are the places that take in huge amounts of water each day. Replacing plumbing products with green products such as pipes on the exterior, water circulation pumps and water heaters will help in lessening the energy costs of your property mostly. You can also turn the plumbing green by having chlorine filters to the showers.

In addition to all this, the reverse osmosis and water filtration systems may be replaced, in order that the house is made more energy-efficient. Low flow showers and faucets, together with low flush toilets can also be ways of saving on the water bill.

In addition, Grey water is the water which is once used for bath, laundry or bathroom sinks. This water can be utilized to further nonpotable use like for watering the garden, cleaning the floor, flushing and cleaning the cars. The recycling of this water is the ecological option of sound plumbing. The simple change in plumbing to direct this water from sink to flush, or from laundry to garden, cannot only save the fresh water but will also save the nature from wastage.

Is it worth the effort?

Going green with the plumbing makes a huge difference in terms of the energy and water costs of the home. Right after replacing the regular products with environment-friendly products, the gap in the costs is very evident. In the event the aspect of health is considered, green plumbing can help the residents in a larger way. For example, getting a green water purifier installed will assure you will get cleaner water compared to what the usual products are offering. Becoming environmentally friendly with plumbing furthermore permits you to stay in peace that you’re doing your bit to help maintain a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment.


10 Tips to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your House

Do you sometimes wake up congested, with a runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy skin? Then you are attack by dust mites. Dust mites can live anywhere but are especially fond of your bed. This article informs and educates homeowners about the dangers of a dust mite infested home.

Get Rid of House Dust Mites With These 10 Suggestions

Dust mites are the scourge of allergy sufferers everywhere. There are literally millions of them living and feeding inside your bed, carpets, soft furnishings, clothes and anywhere where dust tends to accumulate. Dust mites are tenacious little critters that breed prolifically: getting rid of them is no easy feat.

(C) Mattress Clarit

(C) Mattress Clarit

Over the course of its life, a dust mite can produce up to 200 times its own body weight in waste produce. This is bad news for us humans because dust mite debris can trigger a range of health complaints and allergic reactions such as breathing difficulties, coughing, nasal congestion, itching and watery eyes. They can also have a detrimental effect on your sleep, causing you to wake several times during the night.

Although completely eliminating dusts mites from your home is virtually impossible, there are several precautions you can take to drastically reduce their numbers and neutralize their threat. Let’s take a look at ten of the best ways to get rid of dust mites in your house.

# 1. Wash Bedding Regularly

A bed is a warm, dark and humid place making it a perfect habitat for dust mites to prosper. Additionally, the flakes of dead skin which humans shed during the night become ideal food sources for these little pests. It’s not a pretty thought.

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7 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A house that has curb appeal attracts more home buyers. Attention to detail will help you sell faster, because you never get a second opportunity to make a first impression. Making your curb appeal a haven is a great goal, but you should avoid these common landscaping mistakes.

Landscaping Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

Every homeowner is looking to make their yard stand out, but unfortunately not many are eager to do all the necessary research before making significant landscaping decisions. Some of these mistakes can cost you dearly, as they can reduce the curb appeal and value of your property. Many homeowners make a lot of bad decisions right from the start as they don’t invest enough time in planning, as explained here: https://ralcolandscapes.com/

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(C) rebloggy.com

However, with a little careful planning you can avoid making terrible landscaping mistakes you will regret later. In this article, we give you seven common mistakes to watch out for.

Crowded Plant Clusters

Homeowners prefer planting perennials and shrubs in clusters as it looks more appealing compared to plants scattered around the backyard. However, what many don’t realize is that these plants grow and if planted too close might get in each other’s way.

To avoid this, make sure you learn about the expected height and width of the mature plants you are adding to your backyard. You can also look at the spacing recommendations which are usually printed on the label. While your plants might look a bit sparse in the beginning, when the plants come of age your garden will look just like you imagined it.

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What You Need To Know About Vaporooter Treatment

Vaporooter treatment is a method used in doing away with the roots thriving in pipes. These roots cause sewer obstruction. Vaporooter is a foam-based herbicide which enables to slow up the growth of roots in the pipes in your plumbing system. It enters the cell walls of the roots and bursts them. This makes the roots to die and decay.

This treatment is effective and decreases the cost that might have been used to eliminate the roots if they would have been left to grow. Roots that mature inside of the pipes damage the plumbing systems and slow down the flow of waste water through the pipe.

(C) artplumbingandac.com

(C) artplumbingandac.com

The vaporooter has a good reputation being successful in the past forty years. It means that you can use the treatment as many times as possible and your plumbing won’t become damaged quickly thus decreasing the needs for repair and replacement of the pipes. It can take care of your problem for a long time.

How Does It Work?

The use of the herbicide kills the roots in the pipes and drain. It however won’t damage the tree itself considering that the foam just destroys the part of the root it is in contact with. The foam then bonds onto the walls of the pipe as well as any cracks and joints, and that means you will not have any new root growth in your pipes for a long time.

The Vaporooter chemical may be tough and unforgiving on any roots unfortunate enough to seek out their way into your pipes, however it has absolutely no impact on the inside of your pipes irrespective of whatever material they’re made of. The chemical may kill off beneficial bacteria in the pipes however, these will grow back and flourish at some point, while the roots will not.

Generally after verifying the problem, the plumber is going to apply the foam within the drain to help keep any new roots from growing in the drain. After that treatment, your drain and pipes would be root free for at least long. You can request experts to return after the twelve months to check the condition of your pipes. They will then advise whether Vaporooter must be reapplied.

Why Vaporooter Is Important:

1. It may cost you less rather than dealing a major plumbing problem.

2. It is a convenient treatment option because it is only done annually and you will enjoy a clear drain throughout the year.

3. The use of Vaporooter treatment isn’t going to damage pipes just like the mechanical treatment options very often result in damaging pipes. This is a safer alternative.

4. The vaporooter application process is a simple and won’t need a lots of steps that must be followed. That is why, the process takes a short time to complete.


Reasons To Get Pipe Repair Done Right Away

In case you have a pipe that is broken as well as in need of pipe repair the very first thing you need to do is isolate the damage. Pipe repair jobs need to be handled efficiently simply because time is the a very important factor that isn’t on your side.

When there is a leak, you’re going to be spending a lot of money when you allow it continue for a while. It is because you are clearly losing money when you let water constantly drip from the pipe. If your water bill is already higher than you want it to be, letting a leak continue for weeks or months isn’t a good move. Plus, wasting this natural resource isn’t a good thing if you wish to be eco-friendly, in case you can afford a higher bill.

(C) familyhandyman.com

(C) familyhandyman.com

Even though some water leaks are so slow that they are not detectable, some known leaks are now being ignored by some homeowners. It’s because of ignorance to the fact that small leaks that continues leaking would sum up into a large number of gallons in a year. Let’s say all homeowners had that very same attitude? Moreover, water leaks not just give rise to worldwide water shortage, but in addition damage some parts of the house’s structure. Damages to the house structural elements might cause the house to deteriorate faster, collapse, and injuries to its occupants.

Having pipes burst in your home isn’t an easy task to handle. The amount of sheer damage that water can perform in short period of time, will make your head spin! Not to mention the costs of repairing. With time structures settle in various ways with respect to the medium they’re built on. Some could end up settling right on top the pipes, potentially damaging them, with the need to be replaced. A burst pipe of this type can be expensive, as it may go unnoticed for some time, causing all kinds of damages, even the requirement for foundation repair. One of the reasons why you need to call an emergency plumber at any sign of pressure loss.

Thankfully, when a professional plumber goes in to fix a broken pipe, they are going to also be able to carry out other preventative and maintenance like tasks that will help out your water bill, and be sure the water itself is safe. They are able to clean your water line and ensure there’s no build up within the water line in order that you are getting the proper water pressure inside your place of business or home.The sooner a skilled plumber identifies and responds to your problem, the earlier your system will be fully operational again.


Best Light Up Toilet Seats & Night Lights

As you can see, the level of sophistication in a toilet seat ranges everywhere from simple and basic to practically futuristic. Today you can already buy toilet seats with colorful night lights. It may look weird but it does wonder in the interior of your bathroom.

The bathroom can be a scary place in the middle of the night, especially when you have to fear who may have been in there before you and missed the toilet trying to relieve themselves in the dark. And its not just children that are scared to go to the bathroom at night, its adults too! Fortunately, these problems are completely avoidable with the installation of a light up toilet seat or a toilet night light. There are plenty of these available these days, but so many of them are utter crap. Let’s take a look at the top 5 options below and weigh out the pros and cons of each…

(C) Auraglow

(C) Auraglow

Best Lighted Toilet Seat Reviews

1. Voion Motion Activated Light

This nightlight has eight colors that can work on a rotation or as a solid color choice. It is light sensitive so that it turns on when you approach it and off when you leave. It is easy to clean, safe to use, and works well with any toilet. It has great reviews and is very affordable, which is why it has landed in our top spot.

2. Kohler Cachet Nightlight Lid Set

This is a toilet seat and light combo made by the reputable Kohler. This toilet night light uses 4-AA batteries and promises up to 6-months of battery life. There are multiple color choices for the toilet seat available and all feature a quiet-close lid. It has a light for when the toilet seat is up or down and the nightlight only functions during the middle of the night.

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How to Install a Tile Backsplash

This article will focus on a step by step procedure of how to install tile backsplash’s as well as some design and layout tips for you as well. Learn how to install in very easy steps.


Lay Out the Backsplash

Watch video of this step.

(C) DIY Network

(C) DIY Network

Wall tiles are typically thinner and lighter in weight than floor tiles. Many are made with built-in spacer on their edges, also known as lugs (image 2). If your tiles don’t have lugs, ask your tile dealer for the proper size plastic spacers. Using spacers between the tiles will help maintain the proper gap and prevent the tiles from slipping downward before the adhesive sets up. The mastic will not adhere to the spacers; they can easily be removed and discarded before the joints are filled or grouted.

The backsplash space between a countertop and wall cabinets usually can be filled with two or three horizontal tile rows, depending on the size of your tiles. Because tiles create a grid-like pattern, try to choose tiles that fit this space — wall installations look better when they are vertically even and symmetrical from end to end. Bull-nose or edge tiles of various sizes are also available to finish edges, fill gaps or to avoid having to cut tiles to fit.

Check that the countertop is level. If it is not, stand a tile at the lowest spot and mark a level line on the wall at the tile’s top — this will be your starting point. Use a standard level or laser level to extend this reference line across the wall and around the entire area that is being tiled (image 3). The tops of all tiles in the bottom row must meet this line or be cut (from the bottom) to line up with the mark. Tiles installed above this line will not require cutting. If you are tiling all the way up to the cabinets, place the cut tiles or uneven gap just below the cabinets where it won’t be as noticeable.

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