A Brief Look at Three Common Lawn Diseases

Lawn disease could be a real hassle. They can do significant harm to your lawn in a very little while. The main culprit for lawn disease is fungus. It is possible to identify fungus from the emergence of spots, circles, patches or even the existence of various colors like brown or yellow or red in your lawn. It is necessary that you take care of lawn diseases with no delay. Here are some common illness that you know about and how you are able to get rid of them or at least put them under control.

The first lawn disease we would be checking out is the Dollar Spot. It is frequently seen in Kentucky Bluegrass, Bent Grass and Bermuda. It thrives in humid climates. As the name implied, it looks like a small dollar sign and it is usually brown or straw colored. Dollar Spots appear in your lawn swiftly throughout drought conditions plus lawns that has low-level of nitrogen.

There are a number of cure measures which should be adopted to avoid dollar spots. Make sure to frequently water the lawn. Watering helps in retaining moisture in the soil, therefore avoiding the fungus growth. It is recommended water the lawn area at intermediate regular intervals rather than short time. In addition watering ought to be done early in the morning. Such conditions are the very best in order to avoid the growth of dollar spot infection in the region.

Rust is another common lawn disease. If you find your leaf blades turning orange or rusty, it is likely that Rust has appeared in the lawn. Rust is often found in Ryegrasses and Kentucky Bluegrass. Morning dew, shade, high soil compaction, and low fertility are factors in which contribute to its growth. To discover in case your lawn is infected with Rust, it is possible to have a white tissue or paper towel and rub a few grass blades with it. When the orange or rusty color remains, it is most likely Rust.

The most effective way to getting rid of rust is by aerating your lawn. You need to water your lawn well in the morning hours and lower shade to the grasses. It’s also advisable to mow your lawn more frequently with bagging of the grasses. In addition, it is possible to increase the nitrogen level of the soil by following a normal fertilization schedule. Should you decide to use fungicides, you can look at Triadimefon and Anilazine.

Next is the red thread disease that appears like areas of pink grass. You can actually see red or rust colored threads on the grass. This lawn disease enjoys cool humid climates. These patches at the area affected are commonly seen in irregular shapes. Ironically, you are able to only completely find out the disease when it reaches its more complex stages.

Since the lawn with lack of nitrogen is much more prone to the condition for that reason make sure to use a high quality fertilizer with adequate nitrogen percentage. Additionally, a well drained lawn helps in avoiding the fungus of the red thread disease.

As you can see, you can cure or put lawn diseases in order by appropriately looking after you lawn. Mowing too low, watering badly under fertilizing along with other unwanted lawn care techniques can bring about the growth of lawn disease. Just by shelling out time and effort to learn and apply good lawn care techniques, you are going to always to a few steps ahead of the lawn diseases.


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