5 Tree Surgery Techniques

Tree surgery is a highly skilled profession in the area of arboriculture. A tree surgeon can carry out a variety of work from tree surgery to care of other varieties of plants. If you require work on any trees or shrubs that is beyond the skill range of a gardener, it is really worth getting a tree surgery.

1.Tree Pruning

Pruning is an important tree surgery process in which dead wood is removed from the tree. The method also encompasses decreasing and also thinning of branches enabling more air and sunlight to reach the upper floors of your residence, located in proximity to the pertinent tree. This technique plays a part in altering the aesthetic price of your house as well boosting the tree safety and health.

(C) Kent Gardening

(C) Kent Gardening

2. Felling and Lowering

Whenever building improvement gets in the way of the surrounding trees, surgeons can be required to take them down or at the very least manipulate them in a way where they are not in harms ways. The biggest thing to keep in mind in these cases is to control the tree. Methods of lowering include, tipp roping, butt roping, and cradling.

3. Tree Thinning

Often necessary when tree growth produces problems and becoming too large, thinning trees enables much more light through and lower stress and strain on it. This is a highly specialist job that if not done properly can result in the demise of the tree. A professional will fully justify the costs by cautiously deciding on the areas to thin with no damage to the tree.

4. Removal

Tree Surgeons frequently have to cope with fallen, or dead trees. The may need to felled due to distance to a house, or because they’re dead and present a falling risk. Once felled, they have to be cut into manageable sizes. Only then can the roots and stump be removed, which may require stump grinding, a lot of digging, or the usage of chemicals.


This is a specialist technique which a tree surgeon can recommend. It could be as easy as trying to grow a new tree from a current cutting, or the joining of two struggling trees to make one.


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